The Goods 

ham & swiss
sausage, scallion, & white cheddar
everything spiced filled with lemon & herb cream cheese
mushroom with gruyere and truffle salt

traditional butter
matcha green tea
almond twice baked
cinnamon sugar cruffins
Elvis twice baked

brioche donuts (flavors vary weekly)
kouign-amann (natural, blueberry)
mini apple pies
pb & pumpkin dog biscuits



Classic Plate soft scrambled eggs, bacon, grated parmesan, toast
Mushroom Quiche bella, crimini, button mushrooms with chives, thyme, and shallots, shredded gruyere
Dad’s Favorite our signature breakfast sammich w/ crispy thick-cut bacon, soft scrambled eggs,
white cheddar, chives, house aioli on a toasted brioche bun
Herb Baked Eggs with fresh herbs, garlic, and parmigiano reggiano in a ramekin served with toast
Boursin French Omelet French style omelet with Boursin cheese and chives, served with mixed greens & toast
Smoked Salmon Sandwich open faced on a toasted croissant with soft scrambled eggs & chopped onions
Potato Latkes topped with creme fraiche & wild salmon roe


One Toast Slice // choose milk bread, country sourdough, WW sourdough, multigrain

the AUSSIE avocado mash with cherry tomatoes & sprouts
the BARCA Spanish-style Tomato, kosher salt, olive oil
the WEEKEND cinnamon brown sugar, butter, sea salt
the CHIQUITA housemade banana jam & cashew butter topped with granola
the FARM seasonal jam, butter, Maldon sea salt


Classic BLT on toasted thick-cut milk bread with mayo
“Club” smoked turkey, tomato, avocado, sprouts, Swiss cheese & house aioli on a croissant
Frenchy ham, Gruyere, salted French butter, dijon, & cornichons on a baguette
Mom’s Tuna Salad with sprouts on choice of bread
Grilled Cheese on choice of bread with Swiss, Muenster, and White cheddar & fresh chopped scallions
Roasted Veg (V) garlic roasted red peppers, eggplant, onions with housemade hummus on a sesame roll

updated 9/5/2019